One of the Detail filmmakers, Will, specialises in making bespoke, cinematic-style wedding films. Going one-up on traditional wedding photography, Weddings by Will Warr capture the fun, energy and emotion of the whole day, bundled up into a unique memento to be watched and treasured for years to come.



Will started on his journey back in 2012? when a friend of a friend, (having seen some of Will’s early work), asked whether he’d film their wedding. This first wedding proved to be the catalyst for Will’s now well-established career in wedding videography. Will has a notable, unique style that has developed over time and with guidance from a few people along the way. As his 5th summer season draws to a close, Will shares what he has learnt – here are his top tips for wedding day shoots.

Gear List

  • I shoot all my wedding videos on a Sony FS7, with range of primes, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm & a couple of telephoto for when they’re required
  • I use an on-camera Rode mic to capture the ambiance
  • Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod – I am often asked to film speeches in full as an extra and the tripod is the best way to do this with ease
  • For some weddings, there are two of us filming on the day – on these occasions we pull out all the stops shooting with Rhino Slider, DJI Ronin M w/ A7Sii


Be friendly, have fun and be discreet

My absolute number-one tip is to be friendly and have fun with the couple. It’s so important to take every opportunity to make them feel at ease on a day when nerves will be flowing. Help the couple relax by getting to know them before the big day and leave yourself plenty of time on the day to prepare and meet key people in the wedding party. Being discreet is also hugely important, it’ll feel alien to the couple having too many staged moments. My style of wedding video looks best capturing those natural moments so apart from giving some guidance for those key shots, I do my best to go un-noticed.

Plan, Prep and Back it up

It is important to be prepared for anything. Write lists, check things off and then double-check them. Do you have enough batteries? Are all your batteries charged? Make sure you’re always one step ahead with your gear; the last thing you want is to miss a key moment because you’re battling with misplaced kit. Make sure you have a detailed itinerary of the day with locations, key people, and timings so that you know exactly where to be to get the best possible shots without making more work for yourself by running back and forth. When shooting is done, back all memory cards up twice over to give you peace of mind.

Strip it back

Keep everything as simple as possible: processes, communication, filming and editing. When you’re strapped for time and the pressure is on, too much kit causes stress and if you’re stressed, it’ll impact the quality of the final film. I’ve learnt to shoot with my FS7 & tripod alone. Being more paired-back and natural, my films are more popular than ever.

Get creative

Always push your creativity and never be complacent or you’re on the way to boring footage. Move around freely and capture footage creatively. Those close-ups of smiles, tears and uncontrollable laughter will make the film truly special. I’m always learning and try to include new filming techniques where possible. Recently, I’ve included profile shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen – these short clips have added a new element of character and fun to my films. My advice is to shoot with intention and be confident to work on your own terms, that way, all your films will have your own style and creative stamp.




Check out Will’s full site for his full-body of work. For more information and bookings, please drop him an email via