MoFilm asked us to create content for their travel channel, ‘Wayfarers’, encouraging travellers to explore Nicaragua and it’s extraordinary landscape of volcanoes, lakes, mountains and vast swathes of rainforest. We spent a week between the coastline, Managua and Granada and found the locals to be warm and welcoming, happy to share their way of life. Our next stop was Maderas Village, a hidden oasis in the Pacific coastal hills of Nicaragua.

This little retreat remains a well-kept secret that attracts creative thinkers and doers from around the world. Operating under a philosophy of community, openness and inner reflection, those who visit Maderas Village leave with something special – a new way of seeing the world, a new group of friends, a clearer sense of purpose. With all its natural riches, the colonial architecture that is slowly beginning to be restored, and with travel still feasible on a shoestring, Nicaragua is fast becoming one of the hottest remaining unspoilt parts of the world to visit.