Post more videos. Instagram reports a 150% increase in time spent watching Instagram Videos in the last 6 months, and we think that’s only going to grow in 2018. Here are our filmmakers’ top tips on how to get good engagement on Instagram.

  1. Don’t add a filter –

When you receive your edited content from us, remember – we’ve spent a long time colouring and grading your videos, and believe it or not, we know what we’re doing. It might be tempting in the moment to toss Valencia over everything, but trust us, it won’t help.

  1. Don’t change the aspect ratio of your films –

This will throw off your borders and cut off parts of the shot that we’ve painstakingly put into composition. Double check that you’re not squaring off before writing your caption.

  1. Cover image –

Make sure you select this on the first screen before posting. No one wants black squares littering their feed.

  1. Tagging –

Don’t hog the limelight – make friends and gain followers. Tag and credit everyone involved in making your videos (…including us please).

  1. Use Instagram Stories –

Stories are a great way to give background into the videos you post. Add a few authentic, spontaneous BTS moments to tell the story behind the posts on your feed.

  1. Hashtags –

Be specific with your hashtags. It’s fine to add in the occasional generic ‘#food’, but you’re not going to attract your carefully thought out target audience that way. The more specific your hashtags are, the better your visibility will be on hashtags searches.

  1. Keep your feed looking pretty –

Consider what your cover photos will look like in context of your feed. Planning is key.

  1. Timing is everything –

It sounds obvious, but think about what time to post. General consensus says that between 5 – 10pm on weekdays and around midday on the weekends are probably going to get the most eyes on your content. If more than one person or company worked on the project, try not to coincide with your posts timings. Duplicate content is never a good look.

We always love hearing from like-minded brands & filmmakers. If you think we could work together we’re all ears, get in touch here.