Last year, the Detail team grew from 2 people to 5. Now we have more hands (and minds) on deck to help you create amazing work.

Mike Hughes - Post Production / Editor @ Details

Will – Founder and Creative Director, he is as energetic as he is passionate and he enjoys nothing more than using his air horn spontaneously in the office, which we all love…

Jack Cantrell - Filmmaker @ Detail Films

Jack – Our Dublin-born editing pro – we haven’t discovered a single thing Jack doesn’t know about Premiere Pro. His weakness: A can of Red Stripe to help him through the edit.

Jess Gosling - Producer @ Detail Films

Jess – Jess is responsible for nurturing all our projects from beginning to end, keeping the cogs turning day-to-day and making sure Will doesn’t get distracted and wander off.

Joe Taylor - Filmmaker @ Detail Films

Joe – Ex-professional goalie Joe is from Brighton by way of New Zealand. He’s as safe a pair of hands on a shoot as he is on the pitch.

Mike Hughes - Post Production / Editor @ Details

Mike – Magic Mike has been with us since the very beginning. When he’s not in the editing suite, he’s halfway up a bouldering wall (ideally with a pork pie in one hand and a craft ale in the other).

If you’re a filmmaker and you’re interested in joining our growing team, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. We also support career progression through our internship programme to find out more, click here.